Dangerous Goods Packing

Get same-day/next-day packing – or corrective packaging for rejected cargo – on your dangerous goods & specialized freights.

  • Dangerous Goods Packing
  • Lithium Battery Packing
  • Explosives Packing
  • ID8000 Consumer Commodity Packing
  • Chemical Re-pour/Disposal
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Dangerous Goods Packing


For freight forwarders, 3PLs, and HAZMAT manufacturers who need safe & reliable shipping done right.

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Take advantage of our expansive inventory of UN-approved specification packaging, such as fibreboard boxes, as well as drums and jerricans with inner packaging (if applicable) and proper absorbent/cushioning materials. We are certified by the IATA, DOT, and IMDG to work within their regulatory boundaries.

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Get same day/ next day corrective packaging on dangerous goods rejected by airlines due to damage or improper packaging. We also offer consulting & inspection services at airlines, freight forwarders, and shippers facilities for added convenience.

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We know exactly what needs to be done, and when, to make your logistics experience as simple as possible – So you’ll save money with exclusive efficiencies and industry expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

Services Included, But Not Limited To

  • Proper inspection and handling for all freights
  • Proper classification: Class 1-9
  • Proper marking and labeling
  • Packing in UN specification packaging materials, including 4G boxes, drums, jerrycans, barrels, bags, etc…
  • Use of protective packing equipment, using foam products, poly bags, peanuts, vermiculite, etc…
  • Issuance of a Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD)
  • ID8000 Consumer Commodity and Perfumery products packing, palettizing, and shrink-wrapping
  • Compliance with all export packing requirements and transportation regulations
  • Following product packing safety protocols
  • Bulk chemical re-pour into non-bulk packaging
  • Expert packing for: Explosives (Class 1), Lithium ion/metal batteries (Class 9)
  • Flexible in-house, on-sight, or mobile packing capabilities
  • Palletize, shrink-warp, and banding capabilities
  • Project specific engineered packing designs and customized packing services

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For high-value goods like artworks & antiques, Pack-Man ensures expert protection throughout the crating, packing, and transportation process.

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04 Dry Ice & Perishables

Keep your temperature-controlled, insulated goods & perishables in perfect condition all along the journey.

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05 Hazardous Waste Disposal

From industrial by-products to chemical waste, Pack-Man USA guarantees a seamless and comprehensive hazardous waste management process.

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06 HAZMAT Freight Consulting

Avoid the corrective packaging headaches & added fees – Consult with our HAZMAT & DG experts to fully comply with relevant shipping requirements.

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